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Wrong Kogel, 2387 m

Over the Hahntennjoch to the Steinjöchle.

Tip: sunrise route

Only suitable for hikers with a head for heights.
Altitude difference: 1080; Ascent: 3 hours

Habart, 2294 m

Steep but easy climb

Route with a beautiful valley view
Altitude difference: 980; Ascent: 2.5 hours

Muttekopf, 2774 m

The effort of this tour is worth it.

Hike through Fundaistal on one

the highest peaks in the area
Altitude difference: 1460; Ascent: 6 hours

Image by Clint McKoy


Numerous hiking and mountain tours with different

length are waiting for you.

Path of the senses to the place of stillness
The scenic path is lined with works of art,

designed by local artists.
Walking time: 1.5 hours

Hanau Hut, 1920 m

Hardly rising at the beginning, but very steep at the end

Beautiful  mountain panorama.

Altitude difference: 600; Ascent: 2.5 hours

Saddle, 2097 m
Partly steep, but easy ascent.

Breathtaking view of the Gramaisertal.
Altitude difference: 740; Ascent: 2.5 hours

The Lechtal also offers more hiking opportunities

Lech way  - 125 km from the source to the fall


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The municipality of Pfafflar consists of three districts - Bschlabs, Boden and Pfafflar itself. Around 1280 the first residents settled in Pfafflar all year round. They found their way back then via the Hahntennjoch. 14 old wooden houses are still preserved - they date back to the 13th century. However, one looks in vain for metal nails in the buildings. The district of Boden still appears primitive today, which is why it is often used as a backdrop for film productions.

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