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In Boden, where foxes and rabbits still say good night, you can rest easy. 28 beds invite you to dream and linger after adventurous days in the Lechtal mountains.

Stern Lodge.jpg
Stern Lodge.jpg

Our lodge has 10 cozy rooms, each with 2-6 beds. Wooden beds with comfortable mattresses are reminiscent of the star of yesteryear, but you don't have to do without today's comfort. Bed linen and towels are ready for you in the chalet and allow you an uncomplicated and carefree start to your holiday with us.

On the first floor there are 2 bathrooms with modern showers - cleanliness is a matter of course for us. In each bedroom you will also find a washbasin. A washing machine is also at your disposal. So nothing stands in the way of a longer stay with us.

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On the ground floor of the Stern Lodge there is a large gastronomy kitchen for self-sufficiency.

So you decide when and what you eat - conveniently and easily. Share your Day off without being tied to fixed times. 

Stern Lodge.jpg




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The old tiled stove warms you on cold days. The perfect space for a relaxed game night or a meal together.

The Stern also has its own lounge for playing darts or table football.

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